identify huckleberry tree in Minnesota

Asked July 10, 2017, 10:34 AM EDT

I was visiting a residence on West 7th St. in St. Paul across from the old Schmidt Brewery. There were three trees probably 30 feet or more tall. They had oblong or egg shaped leaves with big veins on the back side. They had fruit which looked like small blackberries. The ripe ones were sweet. I looked online but cannot find any big trees bearing "small blackberry" fruit. People at the residence called them huckleberry trees, but are they correct ? Could it be a big type of some black mulberry ? The leaves were dark green. Blessings ! Jim Hanson Pine City, MN P.S. What would be the scientific name for this tree ?

Pine County Minnesota

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I assume that you didn't take a photo of the trees? Could you ask the people that live there to do so? I really don't know what it is. Huckleberries are really more of a term for blueberries it looks like. Mulberries have a very seedy fruit. Were they pretty seedy? The leaves on a mulberry can vary in shape also.

Sorry I didn't get a photo. Yes, the berries were seedy like blackberries. The fruit looked like "baby blackberries" but were sweeter. The ripe berries were falling on the ground and were so thick you could slip and fall on them if you weren't careful. The address is 855 West 7th St. St. Paul thanks, Jim

They are most likely mulberries.

yes--I believe they are black mulberry trees. The trees are a bit taller than the photos but the leaves look very close to what I see. They mention the fruit dropping like crazy on the ground, and that is true. The fruit is smaller than the pictures but that might be because of other factors. They are packed close to other large shade trees where they have to compete. Thanks much, Jim Hanson