Rose Rosette Disease

Asked July 10, 2017, 9:52 AM EDT

I've just carefully bagged and removed 3 infected roses. I tried to get as many of the roots as I could, but I'm concerned I may have missed some. Can I plant a new rose in the same location next spring? The infected roses were in 3 separate beds, and there's no sign of infection in neighboring roses. I have 27 roses, and I'd hate to lose them to RRD.

New Castle County Delaware

1 Response

It would be a good idea to let the area where you have removed the diseased roses lay fallow to see if you get re-sprouting from any remaining roots. Planting a new rose in the location where infected roots may remain will place the new plant at risk for the disease. Once you are certain that all of the roots of the diseased rose are removed from the soil you can plant a new rose. Watch your other roses carefully and prune out symptomatic branches when you see them. This may slow the progress of the disease. Here is a good review of the disease and its management from our colleagues at Clemson University