Destructive tiny black mites

Asked July 10, 2017, 1:43 AM EDT

I have a terrible infestation of these tiny black mites that jump around from leaf to leaf and destroy the leaves and fruit of tomaoes, green beans and also nastursums. I tried safe insecticides that claim the kill "mites" but I see continued destruction. Is there some thing that I can spray on the leaves and fruit of tomaoes, green beans and also nastursums that prevents these mites from feasting on these plants? My irrigation system waters at the ground level and does not spray the leaves. I know that water spray rids the mites for a few hours but they come back. Where do they procreate?

Denver County Colorado flea beetles

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I bet what you have are flea beetles: tiny, shiny, black insects that "jump." They are common garden pests that chew tiny holes in foliage of many different plants creating a "shot hole" appearance.

They can be hard to eliminate but diatomaceous earth is one of the more effective repellents. It is applied as a dry powder to the plants. Horticultural oils and some neem insecticides also have some repellent effect on this insect.

Here is a fact sheet with more details them from CSU Extension: