leaf rollers on blue berries

Asked July 9, 2017, 12:32 PM EDT

Is there a non-toxic (to people) mix I can spray on my blueberries to kill the leaf rollers?

Tillamook County Oregon blueberries insecticides

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Thanks for your blueberry question. There are several mechanisms that reduce or control leafrollers in blueberries that are non-toxic to humans, and are safe to use around pollinating insects, if applied at the right time. The most environmentally friendly one is Neem oil, and if applied early in the morning, it will not kill the bees. (It acts to asphyxiate insects it lands on--as well as mites and fungi--but has no effect on them once it dries. Ditto humans.) A bacteria, B.T. (bacillus thuringiensis) is also approved. Preventatively, cleaning up leaves on the ground and on the canes may help to eliminate or curtail a re-infection next year. Here's a link to the OSU handbook that explains their life cycle and control measure.

BTW, here's another link to a very thorough (and scientific) paper on blueberries and some of the members of nature that like to eat them (other than us!) Some of the information is contained in the article I referenced in the first paragraph, but some has other insects.

Hope these are helpful. Good luck!