Recently Planted Trees in Distress and Under Insect Attack

Asked July 8, 2017, 9:20 PM EDT

We recently had our yard landscaped. Some new tress were planted. Two trees are Flame Amur Maples and the third is a Royal Burgundy Flowering Cherry. Granted these were planted as the "dry heat wave hit" and no rain to heavy rains have not helped. We have watered as directed by the landscaper.One of the maples was in distress when it was planted and has just a few leaves left and they are brown. The landscape company keeps saying that they see some new buds but they must have better eyesight than I do. They came out and treated the tree with hormones. I have noticed in the last week that the other maple while still mostly green has a few green turning brown leaves. The Cherry is being eaten by something. So I am at a lost how to save these trees. I do not want to treat them with the wrong method, so any help, advise, direction would be greatly appreciated. We live near the City of Brunswick. Thank you in advance.

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Would you be able to send us a couple photos of the trees so we can see the symptoms? We would be interested to see around the base of the tree, the trunk and symptomatic foliage. There is a common disease in cherries called cherry shot hole. It looks as if tiny holes are chewed out of the leaves, but it is caused by a disease, not an insect.

It would be helpful to see photos of what you are dealing with. It could be that the trees were not planted properly and/or they did not get established well.