Japanese beetles

Asked July 8, 2017, 1:32 PM EDT

Hi, I'm looking at controlling Japanese beetles on my 6 roses. I read Mikl Brawner's article, and I'm not interested in toxic solutions (I have a small child and want to protect bees). Right now, I am collecting them off the roses every day, and I'm considering Milky Spore, but it sounds like that's going to be best done In Aug/Sept and will not have immediate results. Any advice?

Boulder County Colorado

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Thanks for contacting the MG Help Desk. There are several treatment options, one of which is "mechanical," exactly what you're doing. Here is a fact sheet from the CSU Extension Office about Japanese Beetles with information about control of adults and larvae:

- http://extension.colostate.edu/topic-areas/insects/japanese-beetle-5-601/

As for Milky Spore, it takes 7-10 years to establish in the soil (it is a fungus that infects lavae), however it is effective in controlling the larvae over time.

Good luck!