Garden Amendments

Asked July 8, 2017, 12:46 PM EDT

We put aged sawdust on our garden this spring to help break up the clay soil. Put lime on prior to planting and have since added additional lime, 19-19-19 and urea but our crops are not happy. Corn is barely growing, tomatoes have achieved some height but are scraggly and peppers are just sitting. Any suggestions? This year appears to be a waste of effort produce wise but we will need to do something for next year. We plan on bring in a soil sample for testing or acquiring a soil testing kit.

Pulaski County Kentucky

1 Response

Hello. Thank you for your question. Please contact the Extension Horticulture Agent for assistance. I have included her contact information below.

Beth Wilson
Extension Agent
Pulaski Cooperative Extension Office
28 Parkway Dr.
PO Box 720
(606) 679-6361