How do I get my soil tested for verticillium wilt?

Asked July 8, 2017, 1:12 AM EDT

I've had a number of maples die over the years. A really old one needs to come out now. I want to have the soil tested for verticillium wilt to find out if I can plant another maple or not. Where and how do I get that done? Thank you, Gayle

Multnomah County Oregon

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Thank you for question about testing for verticillium wilt. Oregon Stste University Plant Clinic does a test for it, but they examine branch sections, since symptoms are apparent in that tissue. See for instructions and cost. If your last ailing maple still has some branches, sending a section of the tree on which leaves have died is more reliable. If any lab can test the soil, a close commercial one is A & L Western Labs; 503-968-9225; If your soil is infected with the Verticillium dahliae fungus, you will not be able to plant susceptible plants there for years--even decades. A list of resistant and susceptible plants is available on several universities' websites, and easily 'googleable.' Good luck!

Thank you. I love how easy it is to ask you questions and that I get great answers!

You're most welcome. Owed to our national system of agricultural schools, Extension services, and Master Gardener volunteers. Your tax dollars at work!