Lawn Watering

Asked July 7, 2017, 9:12 PM EDT

This is my first summer in Beaverton, OR and I recently bought a house with a lawn in front and back. How often should I water and how much time should I water. I do not have automatic sprinklers, so I have to move a watering vehicle into different areas of both front and back lawns. My lawn is looking brown and my gardener says I need more water. Help!

Washington County Oregon

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Thanks for your question about lawn watering. Watering more less often is the short answer. One-half to three-quarter inch every 3-4 days is key. You can get an inexpensive water gauge at any garden store. To avoid water waste, water early in the day, before evaporation limits what water reaches the plants. Don't water late in the day, when water lingering on leaves overnight will create 'Petri dish' environments for fungi. (These techniques apply to ornamental and vegetable plants, as well.) By the way, if you have ornamentals or vegetable plants, a soaker hose near the plant roots will result in the least amount of water loss through evaporation. And, regardless of hose type, a timer attached at the spigot will save you getting up before dawn to turn it on and off. Hope this is helpful. Good luck!