How to improve hillside pasture

Asked July 7, 2017, 7:52 PM EDT

I have 13 acres of pasture. Hillside dry red clay soil. There's a lot of clover weeds and tansy. How do I get more grass and fewer broadleaf without using herbacides.

Marion County Oregon pastures and forages

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What us the use for the pasture?
Mechanical removal (mowing/shredding) or hand removal.
depending on the weed variety, mechanical can do more damage than good.
Chemical herbicides are not as bad as they are made out to be, and spot treatments can be quite effective.

The pasture is for horses and goats. Problem weeds are tansy ragwort, Canadian thistle, two other thistle species, bracken Fern and clover.

We have pulled tansy until it bloomed then mowed to prevent it going to seed

This will be an ongoing process. The plants you are trying to remove have been there seeding for decades, if not longer.