Asked July 7, 2017, 4:57 PM EDT

I cut my mature (5 to 6 feet high, 10+ yrs old) spirea bushes to 5" above ground, this past early winter. They have grown back healthy but are "hugging" the ground horizontally instead of "shooting up"... What did I do wrong, and is there a solution to getting the plant stems to get more vertical ??

Waseca County Minnesota

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You should be able to cut back you spirea without problems. Maybe the new growth is just soft due to the weather. If you have had a lot of rain it may have just been flattened a few times. If you take a short piece of chicken and put it around them for a bit to give them some support until they toughen up a bit they should be ok. You could also use some small stakes with string wrapped around it to provide support.