Plum tree having trouble

Asked July 7, 2017, 12:16 PM EDT

We have an old plum tree that is not doing well. The plums are shriveling up into small black lumps and falling off. The leaves have spots, some have little worm like growths, and some are turning yellow already in the beginning of July. Last year we had a lot of rain here and I contacted you about a fungus look on the leaves and the plums drying up. Then I pulled all the grass out around it and put one layer of large cedar wood chips in. I included a picture of a bug that there seems to be quite a few of on the tree (on the purple Chinese lantern). The third picture shows the worm-like growths on the middle leaf.

Is there any thing else I can do than air it out? Is there more I can do to air it out, if that is the only solution to try to save this old tree? It use to produce nice big plums. Thanks.

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