Orange tree problem

Asked July 7, 2017, 10:44 AM EDT

Hello. I have a 40 year + orange tree which I take inside in the winter. Two years ago it started losing all leaves and the branches died but had new growth coming out of the trunk. I cut it down and within the last year has grown and even had blooms and now oranges on one branch only. I now have noticed a growth on the old dead branches. Help please! This is an old family pet. Many thanks

Jefferson County Kentucky orange tree

2 Responses

Dead wood on trees normally grows fungus diseases. It is best to prune the dead wood off back to live tissue where the branch connects to the rest of the tree. Orange trees commonly drop their leaves due to over or under watering or from insect infestations. This site shows a number of orange tree problems.
Most orange trees are grafted with a named variety unless yours was planted from seed. Check to see that your tree regrowth is coming from above the graft union rather than from the seedling rootstock.

The leaves on your tree look to be very yellow which looks like a nutritional deficiency, possibly an iron deficiency caused by a very high soil pH. If this tree has not been re-potted recently you might want to do this. Wallitsch Nursery in Louisville should have a potting mixture for orange trees that should help you out with your soil nutritional deficiency.

Thank you so much! You have been very helpful.