Lawn soil testing

Asked July 7, 2017, 8:32 AM EDT

I know that I need soil testing. Do I need lime? What about nitrogen, phosphorus as well as potassium? I also have what I think is ground ivy, yellow wood sorrel and chickweed. I have no idea how all of these have cropped up in just one year. I tried using some lawn weed killer with Dicamba (?) which hasn't down any good after 2 treatments--------oh, it turned brown, but greened up and is on it's way again. What to do?? By the way, I am confused by everything that is offered at Home Centers as well as the 'expert' advice that they give, always pointing to only the products on their shelves. I need some expert advice.............I have moved from Florida and I found the Florida extension service in Gainesville, Florida to be most helpful and I hope you can help me here in Quarryville, PA

Lancaster County Pennsylvania lawns and turf

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Lets start with a soil test. You can purchase these from your local extension office. this will tell us if we need lime,N,P,K on the lawn. the weeds you list are common and can easily e controled with an applicatioh of 2-4 D and Dicama, but first the pH needs to be in the proper range. i can be reached directly with a copy of your soil test results at jtf2@psu,edu,