Tri color beech

Asked July 6, 2017, 8:34 PM EDT

Hi planted tri color beech recently. 8 ft tall and skinny as far as branches. Installer said to keep burlap and twine on for a year or so to keep it from moving in the wind ( I guess for better foundation) nursery suggests removing twine and just pulling back burlap which will then decompose. What to do? How often am I watering now w temperatures in 80ish range for next two months in upstate ny , Syracuse? Thanks!

Onondaga County New York

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Plants actually adapt better to wind when they are not supported by stakes and twine - unless you are planting in a very windy site. And removing the burlap will allow the roots to establish themselves more readily and enable water to reach them more easily, so I would follow the nursery's instructions and remove the twine, then cut away as much burlap as possible. Here's additional information on planting balled and burlapped trees: