toxicity in horses

Asked July 6, 2017, 8:13 PM EDT

I'm a MG and our local office referred someone to me with a question concerning Crown Vetch toxicity in horses. They are going to bale and they have 2 plants in their grass that they are concerned about. I've attached pics of both. I think the crown vetch is but not sure about the other. I call it Butter and eggs...Im not even sure what the "real" name is! Thanks for your help!

Winnebago County Iowa horses

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The yellow flowers are birdsfoot trefoil and are actually a nutritious legume that we see most often planted in the U.P. in Michigan. It is quiet safe for horses. Please see link for more information:

Your second image didn't make it to the question page, however, one of our MSUE forage experts caught a purple flower in the back ground of the image. Her comment follows:

There is a second purple flower in the background which could be hairy vetch
or common vetch. I can't tell for sure based on this picture. Hairy vetch
can be toxic under certain circumstances. The purple flower is NOT crown
vetch, which has a pink flower.

If you can send us the image of the other plant in question, we can give you a more definitive answer.

Good Luck!