PA right to farm laws

Asked July 6, 2017, 12:13 PM EDT

My husband and I are in the hay making business. Our township is forcing us to remove tractor trailers that are being used to store our hay citing "unregistered trailers". We have 2 trailers against the back of our property that they are making us move. Would the pa right to farm laws cover this as a nuisance ordinance since they are being used for agricultural purposes and not to be driven on the roads at all?

York County Pennsylvania

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From the PA Vehicle Code:
Exemption from Registration (PVC § 1302(2.2)) – A trailer or
semitrailer used exclusively for agricultural operations is exempt
from registration when towed by an implement of husbandry or farm
vehicle within 50 miles of any farm owned or operated by the owner
of the trailer. Amendments to the Vehicle Code enacted in 2012 now
provide for the exemption to apply automatically to trailers used in
accordance with the Code’s limitations in authorized distance, without
requirement for prior approval of exemption by PennDOT. The 2012
amendments should also allow trailers exempt from registration to be
used to provide agricultural services not only to farms of the owner of
the trailer but also to other farms within the 50-mile zone of authorized

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