wilting summercrisp pear tree

Asked July 6, 2017, 10:22 AM EDT

We planted a Summercrisp pear tree in the yard last summer. A couple weeks ago the leaves began to droop and wilt. Now some are turning black. We have had some rain, and I have also watered the tree periodically. Any suggestions? Should I be giving it more/less water? Trimming the dead leaves? Other solutions? Thank you - Henry Gould

Hennepin County Minnesota

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It's difficult to know what's affecting the pear without seeing it or sharp photos of the affected parts.

It's possible that the tree isn't well established yet and may be exhibiting effects of transplant shock. Go here to learn about transplant shock:

What you have described might also be symptoms of a bacterial disease called fire blight. Go here for information about fire blight: