Apricot Tree leaves wilting and new growth at soil level

Asked July 6, 2017, 10:00 AM EDT

I planted a bare root Sungold Apricot tree in southern exposure near a Linden tree late May this year. I planted the tree based on the Planting by the Blueprint method per Ellen White, it is a extra large hole with a lasagna style suggestions. The leaves were very slow to emerge so kept watering about every 3rd day. There was not a visible graft on the root stock when planting so used best judgement. The leaves started to emerge finally and thought all was well just slow to start. About a 1.5 weeks ago the leaves started looked to be drooping a bit and so thought it was too dry. But extra water hasn't helped and now I noticed that there is new shoots coming up with healthy looking leaves from the ground level base of the tree. Not sure what to do. Should I be pulling dirty away from the base of the tree? Should I be pruning off the sucker shoots? Am I watering too much or not enough? The leaves are not dried out but they are still limp? Hope you can help me save my Sungold Apricot tree. Thanks! Sara Jane VanAllen Northeast United Methodist Church Community Garden Home 763-781-1860

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Shoots coming from the base of the tree (ground level) are probably growing from the root stock and should be removed. We suppose it might have been too deeply planted.

If the soil is moist below the surface, you are watering enough. If the top growth continues to decline and does not recover, replacement is the only recourse.

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