Lanscaping around an existing tree

Asked July 5, 2017, 5:24 PM EDT

We have a couple of large maple trees in our yard that are beautiful trees. At the trunk, they are probably each two feet in diameter. They must have been planted out of the ground somewhat, as the base of the tree is probably a foot or so above the surrounding yard. Over the years the roots have sprawled out and are now exposed above the lawn. We have talked to several people about landscaping around the trees, basically putting a ring of stone maybe 5-6 feet away from the base. My question is, if we bury the roots in dirt and place a large rock ring around the perimeter, is there any risk to the tree. Thank you for the help. Sincerely, Jeff

Hennepin County Minnesota

1 Response

.Do not put soil on top of the roots. Maples are extremely sensitive to soil on their roots. You can put an inch or so on the area where the roots are exposed in the grass but a better idea would be to get rid of the grass and just put organic mulch in the area. The tree will be happier and you don't have to deal with tripping on roots. The mound at the base of the tree is normal. It happens as the trunk and roots get bigger.