Invasive plant

Asked July 5, 2017, 3:11 PM EDT

Hello, I have this vine like plant that is spreading through my lawn. I asked about it earlier and it was identified as creeping Charlie. This plant I have does not produce the purple flower and it stays on the ground. What is ir.?

Warren County Pennsylvania

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It can be difficult to identify items from pictures. Some items can be blurry and other times, not exactly sure what the client is referring to.

It appears you have three weeds in the picture. I have attached your picture with some notations. It does appear that you have ground ivy (commonly know as creeping charlie). I have circled some in yellow. It appears really viney as it creeps along the grass and roots at every node. You will only see flowers in the early spring.

The other weed I have circled in red is violet. These don't creep but are more bunching type.

the other weed I have not circled is clover.