Lambs tongue

Asked July 5, 2017, 11:26 AM EDT

I thought my lambs tongue was dying from "dog vomit" fungus but understand it is benign. So what is happening to My lambs tongue in the picture? Besides the One that looks like it's dying, several nearby have what look like bite marks. Are there some Treatments?

Montgomery County Maryland decline lambs ear

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Lambs ear can be susceptible to several fungal diseases that can cause possible root rots or stem cankers. You may see a dieback of the foliage during humid hot conditions. Lambs ear tissue can collapse in these conditions.
All you can do is avoid overhead watering, prune infected leaves, and remove any fallen debris to reduce any trapped moisture to promote good air circulation. They grow best in full sun in well drained soil. No chemical controls are necessary.

The holes in the leaves looks like a type of insect feeding. Maybe a leaf feeding beetle that feeds at night. No control is necessary.

This plant usually makes a nice recovery once we return to cooler temperatures. Simply remove damaged foliage.