Asked July 5, 2017, 10:50 AM EDT

We have KY Bluegrass for our lawn - thick and healthy in most areas. We have a local lawn care company that fertilizes and treats our weeds. A few years ago I noticed a small patch of what I thought was a weed...the technician said it was a different type of grass and not to worry. Asked again last year - different tech, same answer. This year the patch is about 3'x3', I called the company expressing my concern of the speed of growth/patch size. The owner's son came out, stated it was quack-grass and I need to dig it all up and/or Round-Up; spread new top soil and re-seed. Could this have been taken care of 2-3 years ago from the company that serves our yard with their chemicals...or is this common for a home-owner to take care of with the suggestions given on your website? I don't want to move forward if this is something a professional could better take care of and I will try and find someone to do this. Thank you for your instruction and wisdom! Wyoming, MI

Kent County Michigan

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It seems to be a personal choice as to whether a homeowner or professional take care of the quackgrass. I am sending you the link to an excellent article that gives options for quackgrass control. I hope it helps your dilemma.. MSUE.anr.msu.edu (no caps on msue. Autocorrect keeps making it all caps) Search Quackgrass control in turf.