Tree of Heaven explosion!

Asked July 5, 2017, 4:09 AM EDT

What is the best way to eradicate seedlings! Capstone, Vastlan, and Garlan 4 ultra have all been suggested. Are these say for home use in a lawn? If a commercial application is needed, what type of company should I look for? Thank you!

Washtenaw County Michigan

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The labels of Capstone, Vastlan, and Garlan 4 Ultra do not specify that they are registered for use on home lawns. The labels are a legal document that state allowable sites for their products to used. The triclopyr in two of these products can be found in products registered for use in ornamental turf. There many different products for home use. Stop by local garden centers and look at labels for woody plant control. Online I found products by searching for triclopyr for lawns. Certain times of the year work better for control of weeds and woody vegetation. Early fall plants are sending materials made in leaves down into roots for storage. At this time herbicides would also have better movement into the roots. Without removal of the parent tree spouts will just keep developing. Even with tree cut down spouts will continue for quite awhile until energy is used up that is stored in roots. See the following bulletin on controlling weeds in lawns (tree seedlings would fall under broadleaf weeds.
You could also speak with professional landscape care companies on how they work to control tree sprouts in a lawn. The also have commercial pesticide applicators that may have products available to them for this purpose.

thanks, Bob!! R son'sneighbor has the tree, so it stays. It will be a constant struggle! Have a great summer! Mike and Carol Barnhart