Do we have a fungus??

Asked July 4, 2017, 5:55 PM EDT

We have recently found several growths that appear to us to Be fungus. Can you tell us what these growths might be. Several plants including a lambs ear (appear to be dying, the first growth was near a lavender which has died. A thyme plant has this growth on it. We are concern of the spread and how nearby plants seem to quickly deteriorate. What should we do? Recommendations for treatment? Many thanks!

Montgomery County Maryland

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This is a fungus- a type of slime mold which typically grows on mulch.
It is aptly, if grossly nicknamed "dog vomit fungus' and is not of great concern.
It is harmless, and feeds on bacteria and other organisms that are found in mulch. These fungi will not harm your landscape plants. It is blocking photosynthesis for those particular leaves, which you can pinch out.
On mulch, you can ;eave it or scoop it into a garbage bag and put it out for trash pick-up. No other control is necessary.

In the future, keep the mulch pulled back from the stems, crown or trunks of your plants.