Newly planted redbud tree in trouble?

Asked July 2, 2017, 1:58 PM EDT

Hi i purchased this eastern redbud a few weeks ago from a local nursery. I spent some time in the landscaping industry planting many trees and shrubs. I watered the tree in good the first few days but we have been getting good storms and the soil was getting a little muddy so i have been holding off and only watering when i check the soil And it is warranted. The keaving are starting to yellow and some getting brown spots. Is my tree in trouble? Is it able To be saved? Attached are some photos. I hope you can help. I dont want to lose my tree. Thanks Justin

Bucks County Pennsylvania

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Hi Justin:
Was this a container grown or B&B tree? If container, did you cut the root mass to free them up? If B&B, did you remove (as much as possible) the basket and burlap and then plant at the right depth? Planting too deep can be a big problem, though it usually doesn't show up this quickly. A good rule to use for watering is 1 inch of water/inch of tree diameter/week. If the soil has a lot of clay, the planting hole may have been holding water.

Hi Tim,

thank you for the response. This was B&B. No cage just burlap and rope. I removed the rope and all but the ine layer of burlap holding it all together. Im leaning toward transplant shock but your the expert. . I dug a hole next to the tree to check drainage. Did so without disturbing the rootball. No standing water. It was moist but no standing water.

It definitely could be transplant shock. If possible, I would get in and remove the upper half or third of the burlap. I have seen so many trees have issues with burlap (even burlap that was supposed to decay) and any extra soil that was thrown on top of the rootball while in the nursery.

Hi Tim just an update on my Redbud. It is doing much better. All yellowing leaves fell and the tree looks great. So must have been transplant shock. I did notice this split of the bark. Should i be concerned? Will ot get bug infested? Is there anythi g i can do to seal this? Let me know. Thanks

I'm not sure what caused the split. Don't treat it with anything. The tree will try to compartmentalize the injury and heal it as best as possible. I have seen trees with wounds like this (and worse) survive.

Thanks Tim!