Daylilies turn color

Asked July 1, 2017, 9:46 PM EDT

I moved from Jefferson County, New York 18 months ago. I brought about 30 different daylilies with and transplanted them in Missaukee County, Michigan. I purchased them from several different companies, and no two lilies were the same color. The colors, while in New York, were as advertised. But when they grew in Michigan, both last and this year, they are all orange (like"ditch lilies"). Could the cause be that my yard is literally gravel? Other than color, the plants are VERY healthy. The clumps have all expanded, and the plants are all taller than when in New York.

If it is the gravel, what can I do about it?

Missaukee County Michigan flowers: annuals and herbaceous perennials

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Can find some reference, if minimal, to temperature change being responsible for daylily color change. State Extension reports are the most reliable but can't find one from any state. No doubt that regional change is the smoking gun. Since most plant problems derive from soil problems I would lean heavily to a soil issue. Whether or not there is anything you could do to reverse the color change would best be answered by a soil test. There is simply no other way to know the true soil makeup. If you do this, be sure to tell them what has occurred with your plants and they will report how to amend to correct, if it is possible.

If by chance you had a soil test report from your NY residence, it would be interesting to compare the two for differences because there will be differences. Otherwise, the final thought is to consider replacing the most egregious offenders with locally grown daylilys with colors that grab you.

Not surprised that the plants are otherwise healthy because daylilys are tough cookies.

Good luck!