Mock orange sores

Asked June 30, 2017, 2:34 PM EDT

My young mock orange is developing sores on all the bark, what can I treat this with?

Norfolk County Massachusetts

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This plant is called a Hardy Orange (Poncirus trifoliate). It is from a different family than a mock orange is. I looked it up in several books and they all said it was free from insects and diseases even though yours looks like it has a canker. Usually treatment of cankers involves cutting a few inches below the canker and then using fungicides on the plant. That being said this is not a common plant in New England so I am not familiar with diseases that this species might be susceptible to. You may want to submit a sample of the canker area to the UConn Plant Diagnostic Lab where the plant pathologist can take a look at it. If you are interested in doing so, there is information on this website about how to submit a sample.