Miniature manure management...on 3 acres.....

Asked June 30, 2017, 10:28 AM EDT

We live in Lorain county, --Ohio. We have 3 acres. We are going to keep 2 miniature horses on our property. 29" and 33" horses. We have no other livestock. Should we compost the manure...or have it hauled off site? Or a combination of both? Is it feasible to burn the non-manure bedding(pine shavings) left over?
What is recommended? How much should be recycled/spread onto the pastures? What are the things we should take into consideration before deciding how to handle the manure? Will composting continue in the cold, winter months..or does it just then become a storage pile?
Also--if hauling off is you have any contact information for that?


Lorain County Ohio

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With that few of horses on the 3 acres you should be able to feasibly compost the manure or simply spread it more evenly in the pasture using a manure spreader. Having the manure hauled off is both costly and not as environmentally friendly as composting. Composting conducts heat throughout the winter when done properly, adequate storage bins and available oxygen to continue the process. Managing the manure is easiest to do when you start early on after putting animals in the pasture as it can pile up quickly. Both spreading across pastures, gardens or other crops or composting for later use would be feasible options with that small of a herd. Burning the unused shavings would be an option or just reuse until soiled.

Thank You.. Do you have any specific information for my area on composting? Size of collection area for two minis, placement on property? I'm new at this and looking for expert advice from those in the know. And...during summer...harrowing back onto the pastures should be adequate? Composting during winter? My main concern is being environmentally friendly....and keeping the neighbors happy...--keeping odors/flies to a minimum.