Name the snake

Asked June 30, 2017, 9:47 AM EDT

I work in a petstore and we received this snake and it was said to be a ball python but his markings are completely off compared to other ball pythons I have come across, maybe is a different breed or maybe some type of boa? I'm really not sure. Please help! Thank you

Broward County Florida

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Thank you for your question. This is definitely a ball python (Python regius). It's one of the seemingly endless color morphs that breeders are producing. I'm not sure of the name of this particular morph, so I forwarded your photographs to an authority on pythons to see if they are familiar with it.

I'll be back in touch as soon as I hear from them.


Hello again. I heard from the contact to whom I sent your photos. They confirm that your snake is a ball python, and the morph name is "pinstripe". Here's a link to a website called the World of Ball Pythons that has an extensive list of morphs, along with a photographic example of each one:

Hope this answers your question, and thank you for contacting Ask an Expert.