Tulip Poplar Weevil

Asked June 29, 2017, 6:58 PM EDT

I have at least 10 very massive (90- foot plus) tulip popular trees. This is the second year they are taking a significant hit from the popular weevil. I am concerned about the stress on the trees and their long term survival, is there anything I can do.

Allegheny County Pennsylvania

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Unless your tulip tree is very young or your weevil problem severe, there’s no reason to attempt yellow poplar weevil control. The damage they cause to established trees is strictly ornamental and successfully killing them requires a great deal of patience and precision. Since these weevils spend the majority of their lives inside the leaf tissue, you can’t simply spray the surfaces in hopes that the poison will seep through. Successful yellow poplar weevil control comes down to timing. If you wait until about 10 percent of the branches of your tree show damage, you may be able to kill off the majority of the adults feeding on your tree with acephate, carbaryl or chlorpyrifos. However, poison your weevils with caution, since you’ll also kill the natural enemies that would have destroyed many of them without your intervention.