Hostas being eaten

Asked June 28, 2017, 10:54 PM EDT

We planted several varieties of hostas. The leaves and softer parts of the stems are being devoured!! Established hostas within 10 ft are ignored. We have tried anti deer spray and cayenne pepper to no avail. We are next to a wetland area so wildlife are plentiful (and wonderful!). Help!!

Hennepin County Minnesota

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Can you send a picture? Deer shred and rip the leaves and take out big chunks. Bunnies make neat cuts and nibbles. Slugs eat holes in the leaves. If you think it iis an animal or animals eating the Hostas sprinkle flour over the ground all around the Hostas that are being eaten and check for prints.

It is deer who are eating the hostas. What can I do to prevent their devouring the new plants?

Deer are a challenging wildlife problem. There is no foolproof solution, deer are difficult to deter and they eat just about anything green. Some people have had success using Miloganite (deer don't like the smell), some have had success with Liquid fence, some with surrounding the bed with a fishline at 5 ft. high (deer startle when something they cannot see hits them in the chest), and others a motion activated water cannon available on Amazon. It may take using every one because deer learn when something doesn't actually hurt them. Good luck it is very frustrating to loose ones garden to deer. Keeping the hosta in a wire mesh cage until they are big enough to survive being half eaten may also be necessary.