Making watermelon jams (NOT preserving rinds)

Asked June 28, 2017, 4:30 PM EDT

Is there information available on making watermelon juice and watermelon-combined-with-other-fruit jams? I can't find any USDA nor NCHFP-approved recipes. There are many internet recipes, but I want to make sure these are safe. Can I just use any commercial powdered or liquid pectin and make my own watermelon juice jams? I plan to water-bath can these for unrefrigerated storage. What are next steps? Thank you.

Mecklenburg County North Carolina

1 Response

There are no kitchen tested recipes for watermelon or watermelon-combined-with-other-fruit jams. You can still make the recipe and freeze (making sure to use containers designed for freezing) instead of water-bath canning for unrefrigerated storage.