Kiwi vine

Asked June 27, 2017, 7:31 PM EDT

Yea I have the male/female a chinesis kiwi vines witch are old enough and are flowering..... if I planted the female hardy kiwi aka the grape kiwi will the a. Chinesis male pollinate the hardy kiwi and if so will the fruit have both the characteristics of a. Chinesis and Actinidia arguta.... thanks!

Tuolumne County California

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Here's a response which an Extension SErvice agent wrote:
"'Issai' is partly self fertile, but other A. arguta forms do require a male pollinator.

If you grow 'Hayward', it of course is also a female A. deliciosa cultivar. If you get a male A. deliciosa that will have some pollenizer effect on your A.arguta but these two species do not bloom at exactly the same time.
If you really want the best pollination for your A. arguta, you should get a male A. arguta."

Further, if it was possible for the two different kiwi to pollinate each other, the fruits would be typical of the kind of vine they grew on.