Chicken Mites and Lice

Asked June 27, 2017, 6:34 PM EDT

I think my chickens have a severe case of lice or mites. What is the best way to treat? The diatomaceous earth mixed in the dust bath does not seem to help. The 6 chickens are free range.

Anchorage Alaska

3 Responses

Diatomaceous earth helps prevent lice with enclosed chickens, but it's a losing battle with free-rangers. For this you'll need Sevin based poultry dusts. You can find them at Alaska Mill and Feed. They are very effective and work quickly. Clean any bedding from coops or roosts and apply according to directions. Monthly applications my be necessary with free-range birds. Be sure to follow directions regarding eating the eggs/meat.

I'm unable to use Sevin because of its effect on my honeybees. Would you recommend a bee-friendly alternative?

I don't have an alternative to Sevin. If used according the label, I'm not aware that it has a negative impact on bees.