Chipmunks in attic

Asked June 27, 2017, 2:43 PM EDT

what's the most effective method of removing/repelling chipmunks from an attic?

Deschutes County Oregon

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A successful solution will need to involve both removal and exclusion. Most repellents - regardless of the critter - rely on bad tastes and/or smells. Because you're managing an attic that likely adjoins your own living space, I would counsel caution in trying anything or any quantities that could possibly track or drift into your space below! A really important step in your solution will be to identify where the animals are getting in/out of the attic - It's likely they might have found multiple, chipmunk-sized entrances. You will need to make those spots chipmunk-proof through use of durable blocking material - either solids like thick boards or best -unchewable welded wire "hardware cloth" with 1/4" mesh. A live trap baited with seeds and/or fruit would help you capture and remove the animals. Your inquiry is timely, as the juvenile animals should be weaned by now and capable of moving around -- thus it's less likely that you'll accidentally trap "Mom" while leaving the kids behind. Here is an older, but still valuable, publication about chipmunks. It doesn't cover a couple of the species we have in your region, but the trapping advice is sound.