Lily puzzle

Asked June 26, 2017, 7:51 PM EDT

We have a lily that is blooming a gorgeous yellow, which is a mystery to me. I have not planted any purchased lily, but do plant an Easter lily each spring, after bringing one home from church. Most years they freeze, but this year this plant grew and is blooming. I have planted this year's plant right next to the yellow one. My question: Do these lilies revert some way, do they grow from grafts in the first place? We have two other very old lilies several feet away, both shades or orange. This yellow one is so pretty, and I can't figure out how it happened to bloom this way! Thank you. Mary Ann Thalmann

McLeod County Minnesota

2 Responses

Lilies come from bulbs. The yellow lily must have been in one of the pots of Easter lilies and was too small to bloom the first year.
It looks like an Asiatic lily.

Thank you for your excellent response! I am going to pay attention to this lily, maybe mulch it and hope it comes back next year, as our other lilies do. Thanks again!