Dead or injured bees

Asked June 26, 2017, 3:17 PM EDT

In my garden this year I have seen 6 bees injured broken wings or legs or 4 dead bees this is very unusual I think I have a bees nest in the facias under the guttering also seen 2 bees carrying something black thought they were mating but been told bees don't mate this way any advice please

Outside United States

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A honey bee colony will have many thousands of members. Many will die of old age every day. If they die inside the hive, the other workers will carry out and discard their corpses. This is normal, and prevents dead bees from contaminating the nest as they decompose.

A few bees is nothing to be concerned about. If you begin to see hundreds of dead bees piling up, then they may have a problem. It could be a disease, or more likely, they may have been exposed to a pesticide.

You should seek out a local beekeeper to advise you on removing the bees from your structure.