Bees at the birdbath

Asked June 24, 2017, 8:14 PM EDT

This year I have numerous honeybees that are taking over my bird bath. In fact I don't even see any birds using it anymore, just more and more bees. They sit at the edge of the water and spend a good amount of time there. Is this normal? Could their presence be disturbing the birds? Any suggestions for me on this would be helpful.

Washington County Oregon

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Thanks for your question about bees and water. Here is a link to a great University of California article on the subject. Although it's oriented toward the hot counties of California, that certainly is relevant for us with these temperatures! You might be able to separate the birds from the bees by having one water feeder that has deep water (for the birds) and another that has small pebbles in it, so the insects can sit and lap. I've attached a photo of one created by a fellow Master Gardener who has bee hives.

As I've watched the backyard critters in my own realm, I notice that the insects fly away if a bird approaches. Probably afraid they'll be eaten!

Hope this is helpful. Good luck!