Deer and quaking aspen

Asked June 24, 2017, 6:05 PM EDT

Hi, My mother-in-law lives in Jacksonville, Oregon, and recently planted a quaking aspen. Within a matter of minutes, there was a deer feasting away on it. Now what? Repellant, or throw in the towel and get something else?

Jackson County Oregon

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Thanks for your deer/tree question. You picked one they really, really love! But you might as well wait until they eat off all of the bark until it can't be saved. (Just kidding!) Here are links to two Extension sources listing deer resistant plants and a second one that has a table listing often, sometimes and rarely browsed. Both also provide ideas about protecting what you've already planted. But, when a deer is hungry (especially in the winter), it will go to extraordinary lengths to get fed. And they can be pretty big.

Hope these are helpful. Good luck!