Hybrid lilacs

Asked June 24, 2017, 4:15 PM EDT

Hi,...several years ago I remember seeing in a plant catalog a hybrid variety of lilac that did other grow suckers. Are they still a round? Or did that idea just other work?? A friend said she thought she remembered reading that they reverted black to the sucker-producing lilacs. If there is still such short this game as a suckers essential lilac tree, then I would consider getting onenough.

Thank You!

Whitman County Washington

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I am afraid that I wasn't able to find any research on non-suckering lilac varieties. I have heard retailers claim that the dwarf Korean lilacs on the market are "better" about suckering, but I don't know how that has ever been quantified or proved. Again, I wasn't able to find anything but anecdotal suggestions of this related to selling points from a retailer. You might try one in a very large pot and see how it does--this would allow you to have more control over the plant and keep it from sending up shoots.