Hail damage

Asked June 24, 2017, 2:10 PM EDT

Please advise how to care for hostas which are shredded & broken off. Trees 3-7 years of age; caliper 2-4 inches They have bark gouged off through to the inside. Wounds size of 50 cent piece & larger. Any advice other than to keep them well watered?

Hand County South Dakota

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Usually the best approach to bark damage is let nature take its course which it sounds like you are planning to do - just help them get through the drought and see if they survive. I did find some info on Arborday website that suggest trimming off the frazzled bits of bark. As for Hostas - mine are usually mowed down by slugs and rabbits before the storms get to them - so I cant offer any good advice other than just hope they recover.

"Repair torn bark. To improve the tree's appearance and eliminate hiding places for insects, carefully use a chisel or sharp knife to smooth the ragged edges of wounds where bark has been torn away. Try not to expose any more of the cambium (greenish inner bark) than is necessary, as these fragile layers contain the tree's food and water lifelines between roots and leaves"