Identifying ?insect damage? on house

Asked June 24, 2017, 1:51 PM EDT

Sorry if this is a repeat. My computer either ate my first question to you, or it sent it to you before it was complete. In Kensington, Maryland: We're taking the siding off our house, preparing to replace it. Under the old siding, we found several objects (pictured). They're hollow green tubes, empty, closed at one end, open at the other, constructed out of leaves (like you'd roll a tobacco leaf into a cigar). The longest one in the picture is about 9 cm long. They're about 1 cm in outer diameter. Each of them has a tiny (~1 mm) round hole in its side. They weigh almost nothing. If you have any idea what kind of beast made this, please let me know. If you can even tell me what to call this object, so I can research it further, please let me know. I will be most grateful.

Montgomery County Maryland

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These are the tubes made by the leafcutter bee. They are harmless bees. Usually you'll notice the perfect circles they make, cut into the edges of leaves. Here is our webpage about them:

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That is so cool. Thank you so much.