Grass in shrubs and Hydrangea

Asked June 24, 2017, 10:03 AM EDT

I have flat arborvitae along my walk that has tall grass growing in it and every year is worse. I go into the shrub and pull it out but it comes back rapidly. How do I get rid of this? Hydrange, white Annabelle, has shoots coming up all over the lawn and in the garden and rock area. I dig up and cut back but it is out of control. How do I get rid of this? My H. are gorgeous. Nothing kills them.

Washington County Minnesota

2 Responses

You might be able to get rid of the grass by applying a selective systemic herbicide containing fluazifop (fusilade) (Ortho-Grass-B-Gon).

The following information may also be useful in that regard:

Removing the suckers (digging, cutting, mowing) is probably the best way to control them. Applying an herbicide risks damaging the parent plant. Cutting a trench around the plants and installing a barrier might reduce their spread.

Thank you for this information. I did not receive this response earlier. Will try the Ortho and probably keep digging on the Hydrangea.