Do lawn clippings make good mulch

Asked June 23, 2017, 11:08 PM EDT

I have been using lawn clipping for decades as both a mulch and soil supplement. A neighbor recently told me that clippings can tie up nitrogen in soil and induce a deficiency in plants. I feel that I have had positive result and that clippings add organic material and nutrients and help break up the soil when properly tilled in. Does the soil ph affect the value of clippings?
What are the facts?

Utah County Utah

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You are correct in that grass clippings actually add nutrients and organic material. This is particularly important here in Utah, where our soils tend to be low in organic matter.

Regarding pH, Utah soils do tend to have higher pH, but it does not negatively effect their decomposition and ability to provide nutrients, especially nitrogen.

I've actually done a fair bit of research on grass clippings and can provide a technical research article or two if you are interested.

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