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Asked June 23, 2017, 4:43 PM EDT

Hello, this plant came to our yard in Champlin, MN, from Stearns Co., MN, with some plants. It was spreading there, & now is spreading in our yard. Can you please tell me what it is, & if & how I can get rid of it? Thank you, Lynn

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It could be garlic mustard. Crush a leaf and smell to make sure (garlic mustard smells garlicky). Read here:

And here for controls:

Hello Dennis W., Thank you for your response, however it doesn't seem to be the right answer. I have sent 3 more picts of the plant in question, so it may be easier to identify. The plants we have don't smell like garlic at all, nor do they bloom or get any kind of fruit. All we see is just what is in the picts. It doesn't seem to spread into our lawn, just flower beds, places where there is dirt. Thanks again for your help. Lynn

Hi Dennis, I'm sorry, we do have Violets, but these are not them. I think I'm going to let them go & see If they will flower. I'll let you know.
Thanks again

Yes, a flower would help. There are not too many plants with basal, hairy, heart-shaped, toothed leaves.

Hi Dennis, I'll ck back with you when, & if they bloom. We have never seen a flower, but then we've also been pulling it up whenever it emerges. Wish me luck.