Bee colonies killing off queens

Asked June 23, 2017, 2:16 PM EDT

Hi We are fairly new to bee farming, only in 2ish years. The question/problem: we've had an epidemic in our hives of finding queen die off. We replace the queen and they kill her off just as she begins to lay brood. It's happening in about 2/3's of our hives we have to requeen. Have any other bee keepers had this issue? And do you have a reason this might be happening? Do you have a solution? It's getting expensive! And we will not have much of a honey crop this year.

Douglas County Oregon

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Sorry to hear about your problem. No we have not seen any unusual queen acceptance problems this year. Queen acceptance depends on several factors such as colony conditions, time of queen introduction, method of queen introduction, queen quality etc. It is hard to provide you a simple solution without knowing your specific situation. Please feel free to call me at the following number to have a brief chat to resolve your queen acceptance problem: 541-737-5460