Hermiston Elm trees and their pests.

Asked June 22, 2017, 3:07 PM EDT

We weathered the elm leaf beetles the last few years figuring finally how to control their numbers. The elm seed beetles are horrific though they don't actually harm the tree...they just stink if you upset them and are currently EVERYWHERE. But this year there is a sort of flea weevil/beetle on the leaves which is currently doing as much if not more damage then the previous year's leaf beetles. They are small brown and have a slight pattern to them. What can i do to keep from losing our trees.

Umatilla County Oregon

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Without photographs, I am making a stab in the dark. It sounds like it might be the European Elm Flea Weavil. Attached are a couple of articles that give you some help, Good cultural controls such as cleaning up debris from under and around the trees as well as keeping the tree watered, can help. If you intend to spray, I would spray this week before the end of June with carbaryl or one of the other pesticides recommended, but please read the instructions carefully and wear proper protective gear.