Trees to donate

Asked June 22, 2017, 2:48 PM EDT

Our patio home community in Louisvillle, KY has 3 healthy Pear Trees (non fruit bearing) that we need to remove as they have outgrown the area. Are there any organizations that we could donate to and that would remove them and use them elsewhere? Hate to see them chopped down. MJ

Jefferson County Kentucky

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Great question! We would hate to see the trees cut down as well. I'm not sure these organizations would dig the trees up, but it doesn't hurt to ask! You might consider either:
1. Trees Louisville - This organization was originally the Louisville Metro Tree Advisory Council. Cindi Sullivan, with whom you might be familiar as she used to have a popular call-in show, sits is the Executive Director.
2. Or you could contact Love Louisville Trees - This organization is a part of Louisville Grows and works mainly in the West End to enhance the tree canopy.

Either organization might be interested in your trees. Moving mature trees can be difficult and if you need more information on that, let me know and I'll send you more information about it. We wish you the best of luck and hopefully you can find someone to help your trees live on!