Recipe for sauerktraut in a zip lock bag

Asked June 21, 2017, 7:42 PM EDT

Do you have the recipe we used in a class taught by OSU extention a few years ago. I have lost mine and searching your web hasnt yielded it, thank you

Coos County Oregon

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OSU Extension no longer recommends sauerkraut in zip bags. However, an easy way we are now using in our Master Food Preserver classes is to mix the cabbage with salt until juicy. Then place into a one-quart mason jar. You have the option of adding a small bag of brine on top or using a pickle pipe.

To make the brine, add 1 ½ Tbsp salt to 1 quart of water. Pour into a food safe freezer bag. Place the bag on top of the cabbage in the mason jar. Cover jar with brown paper bag or clean tea towel to prevent light from entering during fermentation.

A pickle pipe is silicone jar lid with a one-way air lock that vents carbon dioxide out of the jar but prevents air from going into the jar. This prevents development of mold. Pickle pipes are available at the Coos County OSU Extension office for $6 each and are also available online.

Store kraut at 70-75ºF and taste in a week to 4 weeks until it reaches desired tartness.

For more instructions, here is a link for a publication that includes how to make kraut in a mason jar.

For kraut problem solving:

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